300 Battle: Glamorous Heroes




A great anime-style MOBA


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300 Battle: Glamorous Heroes is a 3D MOBA in which, as always, two groups of five heroes face off in a closed battle arena. Your objective is to take down the enemy base before they take down yours. But first, you have to make your way through several defensive turrets.

Players can choose from dozens of unique characters, each with its own stats and special abilities. As usual, there are characters specialized in long-distance damage, support characters, tanks, etc. To come out on top, a balanced team should have one of each class.

Matches in 300 Battle: Glamorous Heroes follow the same pattern as any other MOBA. As you take down your enemies you'll unlock new abilities, which you can use in certain moments of action. You can also use the money you get to buy new weapons and armor to strengthen your abilities.

300 Battle: Glamorous Heroes is a traditional MOBA, which offers great gameplay and spectacular graphics. It features exciting battles that last just five to ten minutes, depending on how hectic the action ends up being.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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